With our reputation for doing business fairly and responsibly, I-Kota has developed a strong network of trusted subcontractors and suppliers.  Our partnership with the subcontractor community facilitates the synergy of cooperation, communication and motivation to deliver successful projects.

  • Inquiries: I-Kota is committed to working with quality subcontractors. We welcome the development of new relationships as we respond to our clients’ needs throughout Colorado. We are also committed to diversity in our workforce and in the ranks of the subcontractors and suppliers we work with. If you are interested in becoming a pre-qualified subcontractor, or need to update your information, please contact our office.

I-KOTA uses a subcontractor prequalification system. We have engaged Lockton Companies, LLC to help us manage this critical aspect of our business through the use of their Subcontractor Cost-of-Risk Engineering “SCORE” System.

SCORE was designed by surety and safety experts to provide objective, third party analysis of each contractor’s financial condition and safety record. In addition to promoting more profitable and safe projects for I-KOTA and our project team members, Lockton’s system:

  • Recognizes the sensitivity of your information
  • Everything is sent directly to Lockton. I-KOTA does not have access to your information unless you provide it to us through the permissions process
  • Allows you to promote your business to other GCs
  • Any general contractor using SCORE can search the database of subcontractors and request permission to view your information
  • Reduces your administrative burden
  • Is provided at no cost to you!

By completing this single, online process, you can prequalify with the 25+ general contractors already using SCORE.
To enroll as a I-KOTA subcontractor, click the Link below to submit an account request. Once your account has been verified (up to 1 business day) you will receive instructions on how to proceed.

Click here to become a new Subcontractor