Featured Project: NREL Dyna Testing Facility

NREL Dyna Testing Facility undergoing construction

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This project was built for the Department of Energy and is a unique structure in its use. The purpose of this building (located at the National Wind Test Center in Boulder) is to test the extremely large and heavy generators that are located in the wind turbines you see spinning like large fans in windy locations across the US and around the globe.

As you can see in the pictures the concrete foundations were massive. The generator itself sits on a 6” thick steel plate that needed to be brought in 6’x6’ chunks due to the massive weight and challenge of handling.

There are only 6 of these facilities in the world and 2 of them sit right here side by side in Colorado at the Boulder facility. Think of this the next time you see the wind turbines spinning out of your car window to the West of US HWY 36.


 Chatfield Dam Wier Repair:

This project consisted of several patch areas of concrete repair that needed to take place on the existing Wier. The challenges of this project were access. There is no way to access the work area by vehicle. Therefore, we had to crane a forklift onto the dam some 20+ below the access above the berm. All materials to be installed had to be brought down into place, and all debris that was chipped out or a bi-product of construction had to be covered with tarps and removed, including a focus on dust mitigation.

This work was completed for the Army Corp of Engineers, and therefore a challenge in itself. The project was voted a success by all parties.